Platinum Banking for Non Residents

You are living life to the fullest with an outstanding career, an active family, and social life. The only thing missing is that private retreat in paradise that you have always dreamed of. Now it is actually within your reach.

Aruba Bank’s Platinum Banking is an élite service experience, for both residents and non-residents, that we are confident will surpass all your expectations. It is a unique package paired to offer you flexible, high-end banking products, combined with exclusive VIP services.

Our account managers can guide you through the process of account opening or a request for a mortgage. The very personalized service around this is aimed at clients wishing to borrow or have savings with Aruba Bank for the equivalent of AWG 100,000 or more


Platinum Banking Account - Non Residents

  • Your personal account manager will make you feel home, away from home
  • A unique package of flexible high-end banking products
  • Confidently arrange all your banking matters with the help of our team
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Non-Residents Internet Savings

  • Manage the non-resident savings account at the convenience of your home or anywhere else
  • Receive a more attractive interest rate
  • Flexibility and easy access
  • View the growth of your account 24/7
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Non-Resident Savings

  • Non-resident savings account with attractive interest
  • Our account is both convenient and flexible 
  • Easy access
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Non-Resident Time Deposit

  • If you are looking for high returns, look no further! Open a Time Deposit Account today
  • Learn more..
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Platinum Mortgages non resident


  • Surround yourself with the luxurious convenience of jet-style banking
  • An exclusive experience that will surpass all your expectations
  • Tailor made solutions that suite your financial situation best
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