Medium and Long Term Loans

Commercial term loans are credit facilities that have a fixed repayment schedule. They are generally offered for the financing of fixed assets such as commercial real estate (long term) and/or equipment and vehicles, etc. (medium term), i.e., assets that have a useful life exceeding one year.


  • Invest and keep reinvesting
  • Upgrade your infrastructure
  • Reduce pressure on cash flow
  • Right for you if you want
  • What you need to apply
  • Service and Assistance
  • To invest in commercial real estate
  • To make improvements to your property
  • To finance your acquisition of operational fixed assets
  • To start a car rental or lease business or renew your fleet
  • To take over or merge with another company
  • To invest/participate in another company
  • To consolidate your debt (suppliers, taxes, banks)
  • To grow your business
  • To spread loan repayment over several years

Every business is unique and presents its own specific needs and requirements. Therefore, each application will be different. Your Corporate Account Manager will explain what information to submit in your specific case.

Please see below a checklist of the most commonly required documents*:

  • Bank references regarding good credit standing and reputation
  • Copies of all relevant contracts (e.g. service contracts, rental contracts, franchise agreements, partnership agreement etc.);
  • Statement Tax Inspector (“debiteurenlijst ontvanger”)
  • Tax returns of last 3 years
  • Personal means statements of principals and/or guarantors
  • Copies of rental agreements or lease contracts
  • Breakdown of construction phases with disbursements timeline
  • Copies of other relevant permits (building, etc.)
  • Recent financial statements
  • Cash flow projections per project phase
  • An investment budget
  • Fair own contribution to equity
  • Copy of construction offers
  • Appraisal reports of collateral required
  • A recent list of stock
  • A recent list of accounts receivable


*Depending on which is applicable in your specific case.

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