Starting your career

Young Professional Plan

Starting a professional career implies new banking needs. You may want to consider a credit card to give you more flexibility or want to start saving for a major investment like a house or a car. The Young Professional Plan (YPP) is an attractive, custom-made package prepared to meet your specific financial plans.

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Benefits of Young Professional Plan

With the Young Professional Plan, you get attractive benefits such as:

  • Free Mastercard Debit with Maestro
  • Free access to the Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®
  • A current account with an overdraft facility
  • A pre-approved credit line 
  • A pre-approved credit card 
  • A special car loan deal 
  • A tailor-made mortgage loan 
  • A Savings Account with a special interest rate, and more. 

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Aruba Bank App® for busy professionals

The Aruba Bank App® lets you check the balance on your account, make transfers, and more. It is the ideal tool for busy professionals to easily keep track of your budget and finances.

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