Standby Letter of Credit

A standby letter of credit (SBLC) guarantees the smooth process of buying goods overseas. An SBLC guarantees ultimate payment to an international supplier for recurring orders of merchandise.

  • Doesn't tie up your cash flow – payment of goods is deferred until they are actually shipped or on an even longer term if pre-arranged
  • Helps your business establish credibility and financial integrity
  • Allows you to find international suppliers willing to do business with you


  • Establish a solid reputation
  • Uninterrupted flow of merchandise
  • Facilitates order of goods
  • Right for you if you want
  • What you need to apply

  • Services
  • To simplify the process of ordering goods overseas without down payments or prepayments
  • To optimize your cash flow management deferring payment until or beyond shipment date
  • Assurance that your supplier has complied with his part of the agreement
  • To guarantee and demonstrate your ability to meet your contractual obligations to a third party

Once a standby letter of credit has been issued the bank has committed itself to pay out in case of a claim from the beneficiary. As such it is considered a credit instrument and the same requirements apply as with loans and overdraft facilities.

Your Corporate Account Manager will explain what information to submit in your specific case.

Please see below a checklist of the most commonly required documents*:

  • Bank references certifying good credit standing and reputation
  • Recent financial statements
  • Cash flow projections per project phase
  • An investment budget
  • Fair own contribution to equity
  • A copy of construction offers
  • Appraisal reports of collateral required
  • A recent list of stock
  • A recent list of accounts receivable
  • Other as per checklist under Tab ‘General’*


* depending on which is applicable in your specific case

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