About Aruba Bank

Aruba Bank has been answering the banking needs of its clients since 1925. We are Aruba's oldest bank, but we are always focused on the future. We are always asking ourselves "how can we build the best possible banking experience for our clients?". As a result, you can count on us to constantly bring you exciting campaigns and smart innovations, like Aruba's most advanced and secure online banking system Aruba Bank Online®

Bringing You the Best in Banking

Aruba Bank provides you with a wide range of retail, commercial, corporate, international banking, and insurance services. Through our three branches and more than 260 employees, we are committed to providing you with the best in financial services. Whether it's electronically or face-to-face, we will always do our utmost to help you in a personal, fast, and flexible manner. 

Our Vision Statement

To be the preferred partner, offering innovative, effective, and customer-driven solutions that enable our customers to achieve financial freedom in a responsible and sustainable way, while creating shared value for the communities we serve.

Core Values

Our Core Values, Professionalism, Innovation, and Accountability, define what we stand for and serve as our guiding principles.

Corporate Data

With total assets of over AWG 2.0 billion, Aruba Bank is the largest commercial bank on the island. Aruba Bank N.V. was statutorily established in Aruba and registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (registration 43). Based on the State Ordinance on the Supervision of the Credit System, Aruba Bank is being supervised by the Central Bank of Aruba.


Aruba Bank is affiliated with Orco Group, statutorily established on the island of Curaçao. Orco Bank opened its doors on the island of Sint Maarten in 2007 and also on Bonaire in the year 2009. Our strong connections with prominent financial institutions ensure that we can offer you a complete, global service.

Correspondent banks 

To facilitate your international transactions, we work with a global network of correspondent banks.
  • Wells Fargo Bank, Miami
  • ING Bank, Brussels, Belgium
  • Bank of America


Customer-focused Banking since 1925

Aruba Bank was the first commercial bank ever established in Aruba. When the late John G. Eman founded it in Oranjestad in 1925, the bank was known as John G. Eman Banking Department, which was a sole proprietorship. In 1932, the bank was incorporated into the John G. Eman Bank N.V. to expand its banking activities to support the growing economic development on the island. Four years later, in 1936, Aruba's bustling economic activity required even more capital. The John G. Eman Bank joined forces with another bank, and Aruba Bank was born. In 1946, Aruba Bank opened a branch in the district of San Nicolas to service the Lago Oil & Transport Company and its employees, as well as the community of San Nicolas in general.

Customer-focused Banking today

Today, Aruba Bank has three branches, more than 30 ATMs, and over 260 employees. Despite the establishment of other banks that arrived on the island at a later stage, Aruba Bank has managed to maintain its market-leading position and has become a full-fledged, customer-oriented commercial bank. In October 2003 Aruba Bank purchased the shares of Interbank Aruba N.V. In February 2005, another acquisition took place and Aruba Bank purchased the shares of OHRA Hypotheekbank. Today, Aruba Bank is fully owned by Orco Group.

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