Short Term Credit Facilities

To finance your working capital, being your stock and receivables, your cash requirements as a rule fluctuate on a daily basis and may even increase during peak periods such as a recurring high season. In this case we can provide you with a credit line that you can use on a flexible basis, and that can be renewed annually. Also for incidental stock or receivable build-up such as to take advantage of one-time special deals, a temporary short term advance could be made available.


  • Flexibility – use as needed
  • Overdraft facility
  • Limited interest expense
  • Right for you if you want
  • What you need to apply
  • Service and Assistance
(Basic) Overdraft Facilities or Working Capital Lines
For your fluctuating core operations. 
  • To purchase stock as needed
  • To finance your accounts receivable (not older than 90 days)

Seasonal Overdrafts

For recurring peaks when your need for working capital is temporarily higher – mainly due to increased sales.

Bridging Facilities
For arising temporary financing needs, to be repaid from a specific source.

  • To finance your excess accounts receivable (may be older than 90 days provided collectable in near term)
  • To fund seasonal stock and receivables build-up
  • To bridge temporary cash constraints
  • To take advantage of special offers or bargains 

Tip: To maintain interest expense low – use only as needed!

Every business is unique and presents its own specific challenges and requirements. Therefore, each application will be different. Your Corporate Account Manager will explain what information is required in your specific case.

Please see below a checklist of the most commonly required documents*:

  • Bank references certifying good credit standing and reputation
  • Recent financial statements
  • Copies of all relevant contracts (e.g. service contracts, rental contracts, franchise agreements, partnership agreement etc.);
  • Statement Tax Inspector (“debiteurenlijst ontvanger”)
  • Tax returns of last 3 years
  • Personal means statements of principals and/or guarantors
  • Cash flow projection
  • Fair business capitalization
  • Appraisal reports of real estate properties to be provided as collateral
  • A valuation report of furniture, fixture, equipment, machines or vehicles to be provided as collateral
  • A recent list of stock
  • A recent list of accounts receivable
  • A business plan, in the event of a new business, a take-over or a reorganization

*Depending on which is applicable in your specific case.

Sales & Customer Support
Account and service information are just a phone call away.
During business hours (8:00am to 4:30pm AST):
Aruba Bank Contact Center: (+297) 527-7777

For questions regarding the product features and to apply, please call:
Aruba Bank Corporate Account Manager: (+297) 527-7774

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