Green Initiative

Starting at the core of what Aruba Bank stands for, we strive to make Aruba a better place to live and work by acting in an environmentally and socially responsible way.
Aruba Bank is a socially and environmentally conscious business. As such we have developed green products and initiatives that allow us and our customers to become more energy-efficient and sustainable.


The Green Wave

Less paper!

Join the Green Wave and make your contribution to a sustainable future by:

  • Not printing out your statement when at the ATM unless you need to.
  • When visiting a branch our tellers will offer to email you the statements or receipts instead of providing a print copy.  There is no need to print statements or receipts unless you have to!
  • If you receive paper statements or receipts, please make sure to recycle.

All Aruba Bank customers can view their account balances and statements via Aruba Bank Online or on their smartphone with the Aruba Bank App. By using electronic bank statements instead of paper statements we are making our contribution to a sustainable environment and a greener future for the next generations.
As of March 1, 2018, Corporate customers will only be able to receive e-statements. 

Improved Efficiency 

Aruba Bank has replaced the use of paper with electronic files. Numerous departments within our organization have reduced incoming as well as outgoing paperwork by using electronic intake methods. This system has also enhanced efficiency by reducing the time spent on paperwork.

Re-usable bags instead of plastic bags!

In January 2018, Aruba banned the use of plastic bags. Aruba Bank supports the policy and to help our clients’ transition into "living green" easier, Aruba Bank has offered free reusable shopping bags to its clients.   One ‘Green Bag’ can save a lot of plastic from filling landfills, becoming litter, destroying marine life and the Aruba flora and fauna.

Green Products

Aruba Bank has introduced new products that will help our customers to become even more energy-efficient and sustainable. 

These include:

  • Green Car Loan - for the purchase of Electric Car or Hybrid Car.
  • Green Loan - for the purchase of Solar Panels.

The Green Wave effort is part of a company-wide endeavor that includes internal measures to make operations at the bank more environmentally friendly. We encourage you to join us in this effort to save our planet by using less paper and plastic and recycle as much as you can.

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