Sentoo payment method,
facilitating local online payments

Aruba Bank is excited to unveil a cutting-edge payment method, in partnership with Sentoo. Now, securely and conveniently accept online payments directly on your Aruba Bank Business Account. Sentoo's seamless integration and affordable pricing make transactions a breeze, anytime and anywhere. Experience the future of payments with Aruba Bank and Sentoo.


  • Settle local payments effortlessly 
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Maximize Sales
  • Right for you if you want
  • Fees and charges
  • Integrate Sentoo in your webshop

Explore the versatility of Sentoo for your financial needs with Aruba Bank. Whether it's settling bills, taxes, or shopping online, Sentoo, now integrated with your Aruba Bank Business Account, offers seamless solutions. Unlock endless possibilities with our checkout, QR code, and payment link options tailored to your business requirements.

  • Checkout Button:
    Offer your customers effortless payments on your current webshop or payment platform. After checkout, they simply click on the Sentoo payment button and select their local bank. With authorization in their secure banking environment, enhance customer satisfaction for swift delivery of goods and services.

  • QR Code:
    Enable mobile payments seamlessly for your customers with Sentoo QR codes. By scanning the QR code on your invoice or checkout page, customers can swiftly complete their payment. Authentication is done through their mobile banking app using fingerprint, PIN, or facial recognition.

  • Payment Links:
    Extend your online presence to customers through their preferred channels with Sentoo payment links. Share your link via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or other online platforms, and securely receive payments directly into your Aruba Bank business account.

Start streamlining your payment process today with Sentoo, linked to your Aruba Bank Account!

  • Capped Transaction Fees:
    Enjoy a capped transaction fee of 1%, with a maximum of $1.50 per transaction.

  • No Setup Fees:
    There are no upfront setup fees to worry about.

  • No Monthly Fees:
    Say goodbye to monthly fees – keep your costs predictable.

  • Unlimited Payments:
    Handle unlimited payments without any extra charges.

For more information about pricing, contact

With Aruba Bank, connected to Sentoo, you can now broaden your e-commerce horizons by accepting local online payments.

How it Works:

  • Step 1: Integration on your Website
    Incorporate Sentoo seamlessly into your website. Payments become effortless across PCs, smartphones, or tablets with features like a checkout button or QR code.

  • Step 2: Selection of Sentoo
    Offer your customers the convenience of local online payment methods directly from their bank accounts to your Aruba Bank Business Account.

  • Step 3: Secure and Instant Payments
    Customers authorize payments within their secure banking environment, eliminating the need for filling in card or payment details.

  • Step 4: Real-time Confirmation
    Funds are promptly settled into your bank account, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process. Sentoo offers transparent and cost-effective pricing.

Integration Methods: 
Craft tailored payment experiences effortlessly aligned with your customers' preferences. Start accepting Sentoo payments immediately without any integration or coding requirements. Alternatively, empower your developers to seamlessly integrate Sentoo into your platform using our Sentoo REST API. Or opt for plug-and-play integration using our array of available plugins or add-ons. Explore the integration options for Aruba Bank X Sentoo today and optimize your payment processes.

How secure is Sentoo?

Security is our top priority! 

Ensuring the security of your transactions is our utmost priority. This new payment method, powered by Sentoo, is backed by rigorous security measures, including ISO 27001:2022 certification; highlighting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in information security, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Using their Aruba Bank Online® or the Aruba Bank App®, customers can securely authenticate their payments. 

Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go. 
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