Night Deposit Services 

Experience the convenience and security of Aruba Bank's Night Depository Services. Our secured bank drop box allows account holders to conveniently deposit daily cash, coins, and checks outside regular banking hours.

Utilizing special, one-time-use sealable bags provided by Aruba Bank, your deposits remain protected until processed. Funds will be promptly credited to your account within two working days ensuring seamless transactions and peace of mind.


  • Self- Service and available 24/7
  • No need to store cash at your business
  • Seamless transaction

Night Depository Locations: 

  • Camacuri Branch
  • San Nicolas Branch
  • Hato Branch, Drive-Thru Center
  • Mainstreet
  • Boulevard
  • Superfood
  • Paradera Drive-Thru Center


  • Right for you if you want
  • How to deposit the cash
  • Fees

Convenience: Account holders can make deposits outside of regular banking hours, allowing flexibility for those with busy schedules or businesses operating late into the evening.
Security: Deposits are made into a secured bank drop box, reducing the risk of theft or loss compared to carrying large sums of cash or checks until the next business day.
Efficiency: Correct delivery of cash in sealable bags ensures the safe handling of deposits and streamlines the processing, leading to quicker crediting of funds to the account.
Peace of Mind: Account holders can have confidence that their deposits are securely held until processed, reducing concerns about the safety of their funds overnight.

Optional: Armored Deposit Pick-Up Services.
A specialized service for when you need to transport your night deposit bag securely to Money Center. The armored deposit pick-up services are arranged through a contract directly with a transport company. 

What to expect in each Night deposit bag

  • When sending your total daily cash, please make sure it's bundled together securely in one deposit bag.
  • For each currency deposit use a separate deposit slip.
  • Multiple deposit slips require a registration form. For example, Multiple cashiers each use their own deposit slip to count their daily cash. A registration form is needed to confirm the total amount before bundling the cash for sending
  • Sort cash bills separately, ensuring they all face the same direction.
  • Avoid folding cash bills in half.
  • Please refrain from using staples or paper clips.
  • Keep damaged, old, or taped bills separate from the others.
  • Do not seal the cash in an envelope or plastic bag.

Both the deposit slip and the registration form are provided by Aruba Bank. 

Download flyer here

Fees for disposable night depository bags at Aruba Bank
  • Per 100 bags, we charge AWG 65,00 (minimum sale 100 disposable bags)
  • For each deposit transaction in Florin we charge AWG 5
  • For each deposit transaction in Dollars we charge AWG 2.79 with a minimum deposit amount of $ 3,00


Learn how to insert cash in our
Deposit Bags properly

Our secure bank deposit machine allows our customers to deposit daily cash and coins outside regular banking hours.

Here is how to prepare your cash for your deposit bag.

SiƱa con pa deposita bo
efectivo corectamente 

Nos deposit machine ta brinda nos clientenan e opcion pa deposita efectivo pafor di oranan regular di banco.  

Wak e video pa un demostracion pa con bo tin cu deposita e efectivo.

Useful Tips

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