Aruba Bank Rewards FAQ 

General Program Q&A   

Q: What is Aruba Bank Rewards?  

A: Aruba Bank Rewards is a rewards program offering Points for qualifying purchases. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items, such as merchandise, airfare, hotels, travel packages, and more (each, an “award”).   

Q: How do I log in to the Aruba Bank Rewards website?

A: Please visit and select the Aruba Bank Rewards icon on the right of the screen. You will be redirected to This webpage will open in a new window, where you will also be asked to set up some security question and answers for password retrieval. Once you create your profile you will log in with your username and password. You may browse the rewards site by clicking on the links from the welcome page.   

Q: How do I know how many Points I have?  

A: Point balances are always available on or you may call Award Headquarters at 527-7996 (local rate) or 001-501-407-5910 (if calling from the USA) to verify your balance.  Your total points are also available on your Visa Platinum, MasterCard Business or Visa Business credit card statement. If you are enrolled in “My Credit Card” and receive paperless statements, this information will also show on your digital statement.  

Q: What if I forgot Aruba Bank Rewards Username?

 A: For questions regarding your Aruba Bank Rewards online profile contact the Aruba Bank Rewards  help desk: (00)1-800-854-0790. Please have your Aruba Bank Visa Platinum, MasterCard Business or Visa Business credit card number ready. The recording will ask you for your account number (your 16 digit Credit Card number) and your zip code (00000) then a customer representative will handle your call.  

Q: How do I earn Points?

 A: Simply use your Aruba Bank Rewards participating card for your purchases. You will earn Points based on your qualifying net purchases (purchases minus returns and/or other related credits). You will earn Points as long as your account is in good standing (that is, not delinquent, in default, closed, canceled, blocked, suspended or otherwise inactive and not available for use as a source of funding). You do not earn Points for cash advances, balance transfers, unauthorized or fraudulent charges or for fees of any kind on your card account. Credits to your Account (such as for returns of purchases) will reduce the Points available in your account.   

Q: If I don’t have enough Points for the award I want, can I buy the extra Points I need?  

A: No. A sufficient number of Points must be available in your account to redeem the award you want. Points are not available for purchase. However, it is possible to use a combination of points and cash (credit card). This option is not available for merchandise. 

Q: When can I order awards?  
A: You may order awards anytime during the Program as long as your account is in good standing (that is, not delinquent, in default, closed, canceled, blocked, suspended or otherwise inactive and not available for use as a source of funding) and you have enough Points to redeem the requested award.   

Q: How do I order awards?  
A: For merchandise awards you can order using the online shopping feature at You may also print an order form from Simply complete the form, including all information requested, and mail to the address printed on the form. Travel awards, airline tickets, vacation packages, and cruises may be ordered through the online travel booking site to search and redeem for travel.  You can also call and speak with a Travel Services Representative. In addition, you may purchase additional airline tickets and make car and hotel reservations online without using your accumulated points. If you prefer, a Travel Services Representatives can assist you with booking both purchased as well as redeemed awards travel items.  

Q: Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding redeeming Points under the Aruba Bank Rewards Program?  
A: Call Award Headquarters at 527-7996 (local rate) or 001-501-407-5910 (if calling from the USA)    


Merchandise Awards Q&A   

Q: If I order more than one item, will they be shipped together?  
A: We cannot guarantee that items will be shipped together. You may receive several shipments to complete your order.   

Q: What if the item I order is not available?  
A: Sometimes ordered items are on backorder with the manufacturer. If the backorder is for a short period, such as for no more than a couple of weeks, we will notify you of your backorder status and ship the item once it is again available to us. If the backorder status is going to be longer, we may contact you to allow you to select an alternate award or you may elect to cancel your order and have the Points added back to your rewards account.   

Q: For merchandise redemption, how long after I place my order should I expect to receive the ordered items?  
A: Generally, merchandise awards will be shipped from Award Headquarters via a parcel delivery service or by the U.S. Postal Service to a USA address and should arrive no more than 4-6 weeks after your order is received. Some items may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. You will be notified if there is a delay in filling your order. Please note that we do not recommend shipments are made to a mail forwarder or outside the United States.  Local custom offices require a commercial invoice which are not provided for merchandise redeemed with points.

Q: What happens if my merchandise award arrives damaged?  
A: Please check your packages closely for any apparent damage before signing to accept a package. If there is damage, please write a note on the delivery receipt before signing to accept the package. If after you open the package you find the merchandise is damaged, please follow the directions on the packing slip included with your shipment and notify Award Headquarters. You will be given instructions and a return authorization number to return the merchandise for replacement. Merchandise that is received damaged or defective may be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt for replacement. Please refer to your Terms, Conditions and Program Rules for additional requirements.   

Q: What is the merchandise award return policy?  
A: Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We want to make sure that your experience is the best possible. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return within 30 days of receipt. Please obtain a return authorization number and shipping information from Aruba Bank Rewards  Award Headquarters by calling 527-7996 (local rate) or (+) 1-800-854-0790 (if calling from the  USA). Please be sure to enclose all original packing materials when returning the award. We will issue a replacement or refund Points upon our receipt of the returned item. When mailing inquiries to Aruba Bank Rewards Award Headquarters,please include the following information: card number, name, complete address, daytime and evening telephone numbers, e-mail address and the item number in question.   

Q: Will I be able to use any applicable manufacturer warranties for my redemption(s)?  
A: Most merchandise is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Please retain your packing slip as proof of purchase. For extended warranties or product specific inquiries or repair, you may call the manufacturer directly.   

Q: Where can I get a complete list of available merchandise awards?  
A: The Aruba Bank Rewards Program has a complete list at 


Travel Awards Q&A   

Q: Can I purchase a ticket for a companion?  
A: Yes you may. A transaction fee of $15.- each ticket will apply (caps at two tickets total). Please visit or call Travel Services at (800) 842-3006 for details.   

Q: How many Points are required for a free ticket?  
A: The minimum number of Points required to redeem towards an airline ticket is 10,000. The actual number of Points required will be based on your travel dates, origin and destination city, airline, availability, and how far in advance you are making your reservations. Point cost is displayed when you select a destination date and airline. The good news is you are in control and the choice is yours!   

Q: Can I still redeem if I do not have enough points for a free ticket?  
A: Yes! We want to make sure your next trip is within reach, which is why we’ve added the flexibility of allowing you to redeem the Points you do have and pay the difference via your Aruba Bank credit card or another payment card.   

Q: Are there any origin or destination restrictions?  
A: This new program allows you to fly from virtually anywhere to virtually anywhere in the world!   

Q: How far in advance do I need to make my travel reservations?  
A: You can now make reservations as close as 1-day prior to your actual departure date. We recommend you plan your travel at least 14- to 21-days in advance for the best availability, however you are no longer limited to a 30-day advance requirement.   

Q: I want to save my Points for an airline ticket. How will I know the number of Points I need to save?  
A: The minimum requirement to redeem towards an airline ticket is 10,000 Points. The actual Points required for your travel is dependent upon the specific itinerary you select. You can obtain point requirements via the online redemption site.   

Q: Can I change or return my airline ticket if my plans change after the ticket is issued?  
A: You may not return an issued ticket purchased using your airline travel award options through Travel Services, but you may contact the airline directly for changes. Any change is subject to the rules and regulations of the particular airline and is subject to the change fees and penalties they may impose, if any.   

Q: Can I purchase airline tickets or other travel items from Travel Services without using my Points?  
A: Yes. Travel Services can assist in booking your purchase or redeemed travel needs.   

Q: I heard there were some changes with the out of pocket fees. What are they?  
A: Below are the new fees.



Free Schedule 

 Companion Tickets(Purchase of an air ticket with a redeemed air ticket)  Calling Travel Services   $15 per transaction (caps at two tickets)
 Online  $15 per transaction (caps at two tickets)
 Experience    Calling Travel Services  $35 per transaction (caps at two tickets)
 Online  N/A
 Cruise and Tour   Calling Travel Services  $35 per transaction (caps at two tickets)
 Online  N/A
 Ancillary Products (Hotel/Car/Activity)  Calling Travel Services   $20 (only without an Air transaction) 
 Online  N/A
 Direct Air Purchase(If no other air redemption was made)    Calling Travel Services   $35 per transaction (caps at two tickets)
 Online   $15 per transaction (caps at two tickets)
 Direct Hotel/Car/Activity Purchase   Calling Travel Services   $20 (only without an Air transaction)  
 Online None 


Q: Can I book my travel online?  
A: Yes, most travel can be booked online at In addition, you can purchase companion airline tickets and hotel/car reservations.

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