Deposit Services

We offer different services for when you receive cash payments at your establishment from customers.


  • Safer money transport with armored truck 
  • Skip teller lines using Smart Deposit Machine 
  • Night Depository 24/7

Corporate Teller Services

Available at our branches in Hato and Camacuri.

Night Depository Services

Enables you to make deposits in our Night Depository vaults at the Branch of your choice 24/7 but also at some other strategic locations: Certified Mega Mall and annex SEL Maduro & Sons building on the LG Smith Boulevard.  Funds will be credited to your account the next business day.

Armored Deposit Pick-Up Services

A specialized service for when you need to transport your funds securely. The armored deposit pick up services are arranged through a contract.

Smart Deposit Machine

This machine is a unique service tool. It's a self-service terminal which enables you to deposit cash at your convenience without any intervention of the branch officer. There is no need to fill in a deposit slip and stand in line at the teller or fill in a form on an envelope. Simply deposit your cash through the Smart Deposit Machine and your account will be instantly credited.
Our Smart Deposit Machines are located at the following branches, and are accessible on business days during office hours: Hato, Camacuri, Mainstreet Express branch and at our Paradera Drive Thru Center, San Nicolas Self Service Area and Paseo Herencia, accessible from Monday thru Sunday between 8:00am - 9:00pm.

Just having an operating account with Aruba Bank will suffice.

Corporate Customer Services

Account and service information just a phone call away.
For questions regarding your account, deposits and other information, just call:
During business hours (8:00am to 4:30pm):
Aruba Bank Contact Center: (+297) 527-7777
For questions regarding the product features, please call:
Aruba Bank Corporate Customer Services: (+297) 527-7774

Useful Tips

Sign up for Aruba Bank Online® and get updates on your account balance from the comfort of your home or while on-the-go.

Do you have questions?

Contact our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (297)527 7777.

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