Aruba Bank signs new CAO with FTA (Federacion di Trahadornan Arubiano) in record time

The signing of the Collective Working Agreement took place this morning at Aruba Bank. Bank management represented by Mrs. Nataly Simmons – Executive Director and Mrs. Barbara Bronswinkel - Regional Human Resources Director signed the agreement with the Federacion di Trahadornan Arubano (FTA), represented by Mr. Hubert Dirksz, Chairman of FTA and Mr. Jomar Figaroa, Vice Chairman. Shop Stewards Mrs. Mirla Koolman y Mr. Alexander Arends represented the bank employees at the signing. All were satisfied to have reached an agreement that continues to  promote a vigorous work environment for all. 

Benefits agreed upon include bonus for the years of service here at Aruba Bank, vacation days, off days related to personal circumstances, work hours and an increase of the day-car allowance. According to President of FTA, the negotiations were led by positive conversations which enabled all parties to achieve good outcomes in a record period of time. He continued to state that Aruba bank was an example to follow by other companies, in particular because it takes into account the increase in cost of living during the dialog, which is not common locally.  

We are extremely proud to have closed another agreement with FTA for three (3) years where employees are promised a secure workplace and the guaranties of the different secondary benefits an employer has to offer. This promotes a healthy and safe work environment.

All parties involved thanked the negotiators of the Collective Working Agreement in this case on behalf of Aruba Bank, Mrs. Barbara Bronswinkel with the Human Resource advisors, Mrs. Suzette Bareño, Ms. Diandra Dirksz and Ms. Janis ten Hoope who helped with the negotiations and the revision of the Collective Working Agreement; the shop stewards representing employees who are a member of FTA, Mrs. Mirla Koolman and Mr. Alexander Arends; and Mr. Rudy Geerman, who represents FTA.

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