Aruba Bank Summit 2019

We held our first Aruba Bank Summit as part of our strategy #WeBuild: A culture of Trust and Continuous Improvement and our People Strategy. Employees of Aruba Bank and Orco Bank Curacao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire were present at the summit that focused on educational development of both organizations with a focus on agility and innovation.
Aruba Bank Summit 2019 hosted a selection of international and local guest speakers. Guests included Stefan Hyttfors – Futurist, Global Speaker & Author. Stefan is an acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker focused on disruptive technologies, behavioral change and next generation leadership. Stefan has a background as journalist and economist. Ryan R. Peterson – Division Manager – Economic Policy & Financial Stability. Ryan’s presentation was a reflection of his own personal views, titled: WTF – What’s the Future…. ? He reiterated that the future is here! The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Automation and digitization have become practically ubiquitous in our lives. Employees were also delighted by Nathaly Cabrera – Certified Life Coach & Trainer | Director Dynamis BV. Nathaly’s engaging sessions touched base on transformative leadership and change management. The bank also included a breakout session presented by AB Employees, Nigel Wix – IT Architect (Innovation), Edgar Croes – Sr. Project Manager, and Marlon Kock – Sr. Project Engineer / Analyst who spoke about agility in the workplace. MC Rosabelle Illes kept all the attendees engaged during the main presentations.
The banking industry is shifting from transactions to experiences. That is the main reason why providing a Superior Experience is essential in remaining on top of our competitors. We need to understand the importance of technology and innovation in the way we operate as a bank and lastly, we need to realize that the bank HAS TO and WILL change. Everyone must prepare themselves for these changes. One must be able to respond quickly, be flexible, learn and transform.



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