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Please select whether you are applying for Aruba Bank Online access for a person or a company.

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Please enter your personal details as stated on your official documents.


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Daily Transfer Limit

You will receive a daily limit of AWG 25,000 by default. To adjust it, please fill in your preferred daily limit in the field below.

Aruba Bank N.V. will not be held liable for transfers exceeding the daily default limit of AWG 25,000.

Daily Transfer Limit

Authorization for Main User:

Aruba Bank Online® Business Annual Membership Fee

Before your request is processed, please deliver the Aruba Bank Online® Authorization Letter with your signature to one of our branches or email a signed copy to us.

This form is required to register a user for a business online account. All Business clients requesting Aruba Bank Online® service should provide Aruba Bank with written notification that they (as authorized signatories of the company) authorizes the requestor (new user) to obtain access to the respective Business account.

Note: Under no circumstance shall the Bank be liable for any damage or other legal consequence of error(s) in (electronic) instructions or notifications given by the client. The client will at all times hold the Bank harmless for any claim by any third party in respect to such damage or consequences.

An annual Aruba Bank Online® membership fee of Afl 100 or the equivalent in the foreign currency of your account will be charged in the month of November. For the first year we will charge your current account pro rata as of the month after your Aruba Bank Online® service account has been activated. Please indicate below which current account should be charged for this annual Aruba Bank Online® fee.

Please be advised that a fee of AWG 50.- is applicable if the Aruba Bank Online® Token is not picked up within 2 months.

Confirmation Aruba Bank Online® Authorization Letter

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Download the Aruba Bank Online® Authorization Letter

Please submit the signed Aruba Bank Online® Authorization Letter to Aruba Bank here or in person at the nearest branch.

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