Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a contract under which the insurer agrees to indemnify the insured for the financial loss which the latter may suffer due to destruction of, or damage to property or goods, caused by fire or lightning strike, during a specified period, in return for a pre-set premium.


  • Protect your business assets
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • At your convenience

Combine the familiar with the convenient

  • For your convenience, bundle all of your insurances at just one spot. As your broker we guide you in the selection process by offering you advice based on your expressed needs and preferences.
  • Our Aruba Bank Insurance Agents have extensive knowledge and understanding and are ready to listen to you and identify which Insurance Policy is right for you. 
  • We partner with all major insurance carriers on Aruba, making it possible to fit all of our customers’ unique insurance needs.

Payment Arrangements

We provide interest free payment plans.
  • A valid ID
  • A current appraisal report no older than 6 months

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