Text Banking

Aruba Bank’s Text Banking “Touch & Go” is fast, easy and convenient. Stay up-to-date on your finances on the go!

If you are unable to access an ATM machine, a physical bank, or even the internet, Aruba Bank Text Banking is the solution.


  • Easy to manage
  • Receive regular updates
  • Fast & convenient

Aruba Bank Push Text Banking in details

Aruba Bank will send balance information every time your subscribed account(s) meets a set value, for instance when an account reaches a set minimum or maximum balance, or when there is activity on your subscribed account(s). You can receive SMS alerts when enrolled accounts reach a minimum or maximum balance. Receive regular SMS alerts on balance updates.

Select if you wish to receive the PUSH Text Banking messages per:

  • E-mail
  • SMS

With Aruba Bank PUSH Text Banking you can:

  • Receive up to date balance information for all selected accounts (see above-mentioned account types)
  • Receive alerts when selected accounts reach certain a minimum or maximum balance
  • Receive alerts on balance change for selected accounts

Aruba Bank Pull Text Banking in details

Send a specific request to the bank by using one of your pre-determined commands via an SMS request; an automated system of Aruba Bank will respond on this request. You will receive SMS containing up-to-date balance information on all enrolled accounts. With Pull Text Banking you can also block your Current or Savings account in case of lost or theft of your card in order to avoid misuse.

With Aruba Bank PULL Text Banking you can:
Receive reaction on inquiries as requested by text message. Use one of the following instruction codes for inquiry:

ATM ATM NOORD Get ATM locations of one of the 6 different districts: Noord, Paradera, Santa Cruz, Oranjestad, Savaneta, San Nicolas
BAL BAL  Receive the balance of your primary account (default) 
BAL (space) 'account nickname' BAL CURRENT1 Receive the account balance by Nickname
BLOCK BLOCK CURRENT1 Block your subscribed in case of theft of loss
BCARD (space) "6 last digit ATM Card number" BCARD (6 last digit of ATM Card number) BCARD (6 last digit of ATM Card number)
BRANCH (space) "Branch Code" BRANCH CAM or SAN or HATO Receive waiting time Teller, Reception, Insurance (Camacuri only), Customer Service
HELP HELP  Get a list of all Text Banking SMS commands
TIPS TIPS Get helpful Text Banking tips
HELPCC HELPCC Receive contact information to report lost/stolen credit card
HELPCC2 HELPCC2 Receive contact information to report blocked credit card
LIST LIST  Get a list of all your subscribed accounts for Text Banking
RATE (space) currency RATE EUR Get the latest currency rate for any of these currencies: EUR, USD, ANG, AWG, GBP, CAD, JMD, JPY, CHF


*Pull Services are currently available only to Setar Pre-paid and Post-paid mobile phone users.

Required Documents

  • A valid ID
  • A reference letter from your employer

* Please note that specific documents and conditions are applicable to open a non-resident account. Contact our Contact Center at 527 7777 for more information.


Text Banking FAQs

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Text Banking Guide

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Useful Tips

Sign up for Text Banking and inquire or receive regular updates on your current balance while on the go by simply using your mobile phone

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