Smart Deposit Machine

This machine is a self-service terminal which enables you to deposit cash at your convenience without any intervention of the branch officer. There is no need to fill in a deposit slip and stand in line at the teller or fill in a form on an envelope. Simply deposit your cash through the Smart Deposit Machine and your account will be instantly credited.


  • Modern self-access facility
  • Easy and convenient
  • Your account will be instantly credited

Simply follow these 3 easy steps

Get started

  • Visit any Smart Deposit Machine at one of our locations
  • Insert your Mastercard Debit with Maestro into the Smart Deposit Machine
  • Insert your PIN

Select transaction type


  • Select Cash deposit
  • Select Checking or Savings account
  • Select deposit currency AWG or US$
  • Insert notes/bills
  • Confirm total

Utility payments

  • Select Checking or Savings account
  • Select deposit currency AWG or US$
  • Scan the bar code appearing on your Utility bill
  • Confirm amount to be paid

Credit Card payments

  • Select cash payment or From account
  • Select which Credit Card
  • Insert the last 6 digits of the Credit Card
  • Enter the amount in US$ to be paid
  • Confirm transaction 


Final step

  • Take your printed receipt
  • Remember to take your card


Cash deposits:

Please avoid insertion of coins, rubber bands, envelopes, paper clips, staples or folded notes. Make sure you deposit the AWG notes separate from US$ notes.

  • Limitation of only AWG or US$ at once
  • Limitation of 100 bills at once

Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go.

Do you have questions?

Contact our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (297)527 7777.

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