Savings Accounts

No matter what you want to save for or how you want to save.
We have the savings accounts that suits you.

Cuenta ABC

  • Saving for your children’s future, made easy! Use a monthly savings order and save consistenly for your children
  • This account offers a high interest rate of 2.50% a year with a minimum initial deposit of AWG 100,-
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Cuenta Sabi Savings

  • Earn interest on your deposit
  • Enjoy higher interest percentage as your balance increases
  • Retain the freedom to make withdrawals
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Internet Savings

  • Start with the opening of a savings account at the convenience of your house or anywhere else
  • Receive a more convenient interest rate
  • No hassle to go to the bank to deposit
  • View the growth of your account 24/7
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Save The Change

  • Saving has never been so easy! This service gets you in the habit of saving without putting any extra effort
  • Save while you use your Maestro to shop and pay bills
  • Saves you small amounts, regularly!
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Statement Savings

  • Our statement account is both convenient and flexible 
  • Access your funds freely while you reserve it for savings
  • Easy access when linked to your Maestro Chip Card
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Student Savings

  • No monthly administration fees
  • Free Maestro Chip Card, for easy access to cash anytime
  • Always know your balance, receive text messages or email alerts with Text Banking – Touch & Go!
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Time Deposit

If you are looking for high returns, look no further! Open a Time Deposit Account today. 
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