Introducing new Text Banking features for your security

Aruba Bank Text Banking is the ideal way to stay up-to-date on your bank accounts, 24/7/365, and it’s FREE! 

1. For your security, you will receive the following automated messages via Text Banking (SMS):

  • Receive alert at the moment that a transactions greater than AWG 1.000,- is recorded
               (e.g. Alert High Amount AWG 1,001.-) 
  • Receive alert at the moment a foreign payment is authorized
               (e.g. Alert Foreign Payment US$ 101.99)
  • Receive alert at the moment an online-payment is registered
               (e.g. Alert Online Payment US$ 9.29)


2. For your security, the following options are available to BLOCK and UNBLOCK your Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro, by sending a Text Banking message to “7777” using your mobile telephone number registered at SETAR.

  • Block your card permanently, in the occasion that this is lost or stolen.
               BLOCKCARD LOST + <LAST 6 DIGITS OF CARD> (e.g. BLOCKCARD LOST 123456)
  • Block your card temporarily.
               BLOCKCARD TEMP + <LAST 6 DIGITS OF CARD> (e.g. BLOCKCARD TEMP 123456)
  • Unblock your card from a temporary block.
               UNBLOCK CARD + <LAST 6 DIGITS OF CARD> (e.g. UNBLOCK CARD 123456)

Apply for Text Banking:

  • Login using Aruba Bank Online , select Services , and Activate Text Banking
  • At Aruba Bank Customer Service Kiosk available at Camacuri, Hato, Mainstreet Express Branch, San Nicolas)
For more information regarding Aruba Bank Text Banking, go to Text-Banking or contact our Contact Center at 527 7777.

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