Aruba Bank stands together with S.A.B.A to protect the vulnerable ones in our community

SABA (Fundacion General pa Cuido di Hende Grandi Aruba), is known to offer intramural care services for people with psycho-geriatric problems and complicated chronic illnesses.

During the pandemic, SABA faced numerous challenges, among others, a deficiency in the material to disinfect, as well as a mask to help prevent contagion between the elderlies and their caretakers.

Aruba Bank made a donation of several boxes of mouth masks to the foundation to help prevent more cases and protect employees and the residents of SABA.

During these difficult times our island has encountered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very important that all of us stand together to help the ones who are more vulnerable in our community. Aruba Bank is very satisfied to be able to give a helping hand to SABA.


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